Dual-sided roller for face massage

Facial roller is a massage tool developed in China in the 17th century and still used today due to its efficacy and simplicity. Women all over the world have come to like this massage tool and it has gained incredible popularity nowadays.

So what benefits does it offer?

Lymphatic drainage effects: A properly performed massage (along the lymph flow lines) improves microcirculation and activates the flow of retained lymph and blood flow, which helps to reduce swelling, improve skin colour and make dark circles under the eyes less visible or disappear altogether.

Massage: A 15-minute massage a day will help relax the muscles of your face and neck, as well as remove the tensions that cause discomfort and lead to formation of expression lines.

What is the roller made of?

The roller is made of howlite, which is a natural mineral. Traditionally, this stone is mainly mined in California (USA) and Nova Scotia (Canada). The mineral is believed to absorb negative energy and emotions and turn them into positive ones.

Important: Howlite is a very fragile mineral, but it will serve you for a long time if used correctly. Use the roller carefully, avoid dropping it or hitting on a hard surface. Keep out of reach of children. Do not stimulate lymph flow in case of skin inflammation or damaged skin. Do not use if you have couperosis or a common cold. It is not recommended to use the roller after a recent injection or injury.